This is the diagnosis that the doctor does if an injury occurs to the spine due to an accident

Many people feel pain in their spine due to certain causes. This can occur due to a car accident or accident while exercising. If you experience this, then it’s time to get the right treatment. One treatment that you can rely on for this is the Chiropractor. With the right chiropractor, you can carry out treatment safely and comfortably. For the law case, you can trust it to new york car accident attorney.

Injury to the spine is a condition where there is damage or injury to the nerve located in the spinal canal. This nerve damage occurs due to accidental driving, exercise, or physical violence.
You can also get the right treatment at the doctor. Usually, the doctor will diagnose the disease and do some checks. Some of the examinations carried out by doctors include

After that, the doctor will do several tests to see the condition of the patient’s spine. The tests used in diagnosing spinal cord injury are:

– X-rays. This imaging is usually done if there is a suspicion that spinal cord injury occurs in patients who have an accident. X-rays can also function to detect other problems in the spine, such as tumors or fractures.

– CT scan. This test serves to display a better image than an X-ray in showing abnormalities in the spine. The images produced by CT scans are from several angles, making it easier for doctors to detect an abnormality.

– MRI. This test uses magnetic energy and radio waves to produce images. Functioning just like a CT scan, MRI is used to make it easier for doctors to observe the condition of the spine.

In an accident, the doctor will ask about the incident in detail, especially the collision mechanism experienced by the patient. The doctor will also carry out a physical examination, including a nerve test, for example testing muscle strength and the ability of the patient to feel stimuli (such as light touches or small sharp objects such as pins).

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