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Taking Care Of Coins Collection

Although most coins are antimicrobial due to their copper or silver content, knowing how to clean coins can help in removing the dirt on your favorite coins. In general, coins become more valuable as they age due to the natural process of oxidation or discoloration. This makes some conventional coin cleaning methods inappropriate. Whether you have everyday coins or collectibles, your coins may be so dirty that they rust easily. Make sure to also use rub n buff to make it shinier.

If you want to have clean coins, here are some of the best ways to clean up loose change with items you use every day. Below are different cleaning solutions you can use and homemade methods that work.

– Clean up old coins
Cleaning old coins can be easy but needs to be done with care. You want to be sure to maintain the patina of the coin as it is an important component when determining the value of a coin. When cleaning old coins, you should first consult with your coin dealer so that they can learn the value of the currency and provide recommendations for cleaning the coin.

– Taking care of coins
It’s important to know how to properly polish coins, given that years of oxidation (patina) on coins can increase the value of antique coins. The coating should be left attached. To maintain the shine of your collection of precious coins, avoid the following:

* Body skin oil: don’t touch the coin unnecessarily. If you must touch it, wear cotton or latex gloves.

* Saliva: avoid putting coins in your mouth to prevent spots or discoloration from occurring on the coins. And of course to prevent poisoning.

* Improper storage: watch out for PVC plastic or paper that contains acids as some of the chemicals in these materials can damage coins. If you receive a coin in a special coin holder, keep it in its holder and do not take it out.

* Temperature changes: make sure your coins are in a cool, dry, dark place in a storage box or cabinet specially designed for antique coins.